Dylan Hanna

I absolutely hate taking pictures of my self. I am 6 feet tall maybe 6 feet 1 inch but i don't know. I have one sister she is 9 and her name is Carly but its spelled weird. I have two dogs there names are Sid and Gino, they are both beagle mixes. I love playing soccer I am most likely going to play next year for the school. My best friend is David S. (he is the one in my class) I really like to listen to Rock music I also like rap but personally I think Rock is the best. I really like to play video games I am more in to Call Of Duty, Battlefield  and Halo. I have to say tigers have to be my favorite animal if I could I would get one as a pet. I have Oz Good Slaughters disease, its not as bad as it the name sounds. It is bone under the nee it looks like a lump, it hurts most of the time but sometimes it hurts more than usual  and some days it doesn't hurt at all but that is rare. I really love science i hate language arts and all those things that involve it I kinda dis like math.

3 things about me

I really love playing soccer. I am not going to play this year because i really need to work out, also my leg is kinda messed up and it hurts sometimes but it is going away. I am most likely going to play next year. I have played for WCSL (west county soccer league) since i was 8 or 10.

Video Games

I really love playing video games with my friends. I love playing shooting games the most to me they are the best. I like the Xbox better than the play station or computer.


I absolutely love listening to music. I am usually listening to music the minute I get home i am already listening to music. I have to say i like Rock the most. My favorite band has to be Three Days Grace. My favorite song has to be chalk outline.

MY Goals

okay my goals are to get at least all B's this year. i hoping to lose about 20 pounds this year. i am going for no disciplines this year.

Place I want to go

I just really want to go to Germany. i have just always liked it. i just want ot go there and see all the famous places and all of its stuff.

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