City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
presentation by Malcom

Main Characters and Supporting characters

In my book the main characters are Clarissa Fray and her brother Jace. supporting characters are Clary's friend Simon and uncle also jace's friend Alec and his sister Isabel. Clary is a red haired girl who loves her family and friends Jace is outgoing has no feelings and is brutal. Simon is Clary's best friend since they were little. Clary's uncle isn't actually her uncle he is her mom's friend and savior he has saved Clary's life a lot and loves Clary like a father.


In the book it mostly takes place in New York in present time. Also it takes place in a mythical city called the City of Bones. Most of the book takes place in new York trying to stop there dad from killing everyone in New York.


In the book Clary's dad is gone and hiding from the magic government and when people are getting murdered the government turns to them to stop there dad and in the middle of the book Simon turns into a vampire and in the end they stop there dad but he runs away.


The theme of the book is that you can fight evil even if you have nothing to fight with.


I give this book five stars because  it has a lot of adventure and some romance and action.

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