Advantages & Disadvantages
in Future Policing

The technology that will be used in future policing will be a massive change compared to the technology that is currently used in policing. When the technology starts to make larger changes, there with be both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Access to large amounts of police specific and public data will allow police to make better use of their time and also will allow officers to be better informed.
  • Technology such as electronic notebooks can allow police to always find who or what they are looking for by tracking people and vehicles and it always keep police connected.
  • Future use of drones could potentially replace police helicopters and allow police to be everywhere at once by being more technologically advanced both on the ground with police cruisers and in the air with a greater use of police drones.


  • The risk of technology malfunctioning could potentially cause massive problems in crisis situations due to technology being relied on for communication.
  • Large amounts of technological advancements allow for potential hacks into technology systems, which could allow for dangerous situations in police departments.
  • As police weapons become more advanced there is a higher potential for misuse of the weapons and also excessive use of force if used incorrectly.

Attached is a video the allows you to imagine the future police officer. This can help you see for yourself the the potential advantages and disadvantages may be.