Email Etiquette Notes

Adriana Vazquez

1. Do not forward chains. You should not forward chains because they can have viruses.

2. Be concise and to the point. If you are not the person you are talking to can get confused.

3. Do not attach unnecessary files. Because if you do you can send unnecessary files.

4. Include a greeting. If you don't include a greeting it can be rude.

5. Do not forward games, jokes, or chain letters to your teacher or classmates. If you send chain letters to your teacher or classmate there computer and yours can stop working.

6. Be careful of what you do email others. If you are not careful you can be bullying someone and can get charged for that.

7. When you are sending attachments include in the email , the filename, what format it is and the version of the program. If you do they can know who send it what its for and if they can download it to their computer.

8.Avoid using negative words. If you don't you can offend someone.

9.Use a professional font,not decorative. If you use a decorative font its like your not taking your job series.

10.Signatures should have helpful information like your name and grade. If they don't your teacher or classmates may not know who it is or what grade.

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