"Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow & Live Today"

By : Anonymous

*I Believe*

I Believe in the Power of Love

The Strength of hope

The sound of music

The ups and downs of life

The crazy moments in life

Hope , Honesty , Faith

I Believe in being a daddy's Girl

I Believe in making your ownself

Christ  , Love , Passion

And I Believe in The Crazy doing of  Yourself.

* The Words I Live By *

   “Cherish Yesterday , Dream Tomorrow & Live Today.” My credo means that time is only so little and short that you need to cherish every moment you get. Don’t wish for something you don’t have or wish for another day . You need to cherish, Dream and live everyday to the fullest.

My family taught me this one cause I would wish for something or want the next day to come so they would say you better be grateful for what you have or got and be happy that you god gave you another day cause some people didn't get another day . So they would tell me that that you need to “Cherish Yesterday , Dream Tomorrow & Live Today “.

These are important to me because I believe in these cause it is a really go credo . But, not only that I think that everybody should live every moment to the fullest cause you are NEVER guaranteed tomorrow. I stick to this cause my family has taught me a good lesson about this credo and I think this credo is for me and I think it is a really good one.

No , I do not think my credo will change as I get older cause this is something every age and everybody can live by cause this credo has nothing do with your age or how old you are . Cause everybody needs to cherish every moment and be grateful for everyday you have . This credo will shape your future by you hoping for tomorrow and having something or somebody to live for.

I would recommend this credo for everybody cause you need something to live by or hope for or even dream for . Cause you can always hope , dream , cherish & live for tomorrow and today and yesterday . This would be beneficial to other people because something good can come out of these words. I would challenge others because everybody needs something to live by . If someone dont have one then they need to find there own to live by and stick to theirs. But, I hope you or someone inspires you enough to live by a credo that attracts your attention enough to live by and go by .

* By Erica Stanley *

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