Heavy duty bicycles for extremely overweight riders

Heavy duty bicycles

Spring is around the corner, and I tend to start my regular bike riding exercises. Cycling has become my passion, and I love to take one of my heavy duty bicycles for a spring ride as soon as snow starts melting. Being a fat person and weighing over 300lb., I use heavy duty bikes, specially designed for guys like me. I started cycling a couple of years ago, and bike for heavy person has become my best method for losing extra weight ever since. I am now more than fifty pounds lighter, and I feel great about my new healthy hobby. By using heavy duty bicycle I was able to build the bulk of muscle and continue to shed unwanted pounds.

A majority of fat guys like myself who are using heavy duty bicycles for wellness purposes to stay fit usually do not consider trying to change their usual routes and take riskier trails and hilly roads. They would like to keep it on a safe side. Judging from my own experience, I would say, it can be done. I took my bike for heavy person that I used on regular roads to a mountain trail and other challenging routes after twelve months of my daily cycling routine.

However, when an obese person like me decides to start bicycling as a sort of fitness activity to take off that extra weight, it is wise to start riding heavy duty bicycles from the very beginning. This kind of sports is considered one of the top health and wellness activity, especially for overweight people, because it is good for your body and does not hurt your knees, as running. Besides, cycling on a bike for heavy person is quite entertaining, and there is more chance that you would want to continue this kind of fitness exercise. It is not a complicated sport, but you need to pay attention to one important fact – to ensure a safe ride it is better to have heavy duty bicycles that will support your extra weight.

One of the options for a person weighing over 300lb. is to consider using a regular mountain bike instead of a custom bike for heavy person because they are intended to endure more wear and are made to withstand bangs and collisions with rocks and can bounce easily on challenging terrains. But for people weighing more than 400lb, it is entirely necessary to look into getting heavy duty bikes made specially for obese. However, premium bikes that are good for mountains come with a big price tag, and I decided to take a look at less expensive options of heavy duty bicycle at Zize Bikes.

Moreover, the heavy duty bicycles for obese people that I found on Zize Bikes website have better options than mountain bikes as far as the construction of the wheels, especially their diameter. It takes more efforts from a rider to cycle with a mountain bike on the regular road, and I found this experience challenging to some extent. Bike for heavy person has rims that are more suitable to support the extra weight of a very obese person.

Of course, if money allows, you can acquire one of those expensive, heavy duty bikes at a department store with the wider diameter of wheels. You can also get a heavy duty bicycle at one of the bicycle stores locally, but I advise you to look at the bike for heavy person at the specialty shop Zize Bikes.

Still, if you already have a mountain bike or heavy duty bicycle with wider diameter lined up, those are also excellent quality bikes. They can hold your body weight correctly and may require just a few modifications to get sturdier, and those adjustments are quite inexpensive and easy to make. To roll smoothly on a regular paved road, a mountain heavy duty bicycles will get better operation if you replace the wheel with more efficient ones that hold more pressure.

I decided to look into premium quality heavy duty bicycles when I realized my passion to biking on muddy trails and rocky roads. With my weight being on a high side, I became conscious about the comfort of cycling and safety as well. That’s why it is worthwhile to look into the functions of a specially custom made bike for heavy person. If you cannot spend a lot of money on your heavy duty bicycle, you may browse the ads and find a used one for less.

To my mind, the heavy duty bikes will benefit especially to an overweight person who does not move around enough and does not have a lot of energy. Of course, you need to adjust your diet and eat healthy and nutritious food instead of sugar and starches, but fitness is also crucial for weight loss. Opportunity to be active and have absolute freedom to move around makes heavy duty bicycles very popular with obese people.

I am a large size person and my love to riding my heavy duty bicycles that carry my weight great keeps growing. Riding even hundreds of miles is no problem for me now. I keep losing weight with my bike for heavy person and feel just so energetic! I am excited and would recommend this kind of a lifestyle to people who have a big dream of becoming more active and healthier.

A month ago I had a pedaling trip with my colleagues from work, and I was feeling great during it riding my heavy duty bicycle. I was a part of the group and had no fear to stay behind. One of the benefits of cycling that I experience every time I go on the road with one of my heavy duty bicycles is an emotional boost. It uplifts my spirit and helps me deal with stress and tiredness. It’s not only a form of exercise, but a way to truly relax and recharge.

I would also recommend buying gear that is appropriate for your safety, like a helmet and also to carry some spare parts every time you go on a long road on your bike for heavy person. You also need to maintain your heavy duty bicycle properly and service it regularly to make sure everything works OK.