K - 12 Mobile Learning Apps


With the free Poll Everywhere mobile app you can respond to polls, present polls, and click through PowerPoint presentations. Audience members can use the app to respond to the presenter’s questions live. Presenters can ask the audience questions and display poll responses live. Presenters can control the flow of PowerPoint presentations using a smartphone as a wireless remote.

Students can easily respond to polls or vote using the app on a smartphone or tablet. Aside from the app, they can respond via web browser, text message, or Twitter. Users can create or answer multiple choice, true/false, open ended, ranking poll, and clickable image questions. Questions can be presented directly from the web or embedded in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Audience responses are displayed in real-time. Great for classroom participation, or gathering opinions from class peers on topics discussed in class. Students and teachers can also click through a PowerPoint presentation with the included Presenter Remote feature.


Fotobabble is a free app available on apple devices that lets you take pictures and then add audio to those pictures. You can either take a photo or use a photo from your photo library. Create Talking Photos of events and moments in real-time and share them with friends immediately.

With fotobabble you can have students in take pictures of  things that they like or something they value and have them talk about it. If you're reading a story, you can have students take a picture that reminds them of a scene from the story and explain why they chose that picture or have them choose a character from the story and analyze them.


Mooklet is a free app available through the apple store that let's you create ebooks and publish them. Just choose your favorite pictures and create a dynamic photo album in just a few minutes.

With Mooklet students can keep a class portfolio with snapshots of their classroom assignments/ projects and reflections about them and then publish them as an ebook as a final project that shows their progress throughout the school year.

Kid's Journal

Kid's Journal is a free app available on apple devices that simulates an actual journal for kids to write virtual entries and reflect and use their creativity. Kid Journal easily allows children to focus on the content of their reflection with an easy-to-use interface. Children can record their feelings, location (i.e. home, school, on vacation), or the weather. Kid’s Journal entries have the option to post a photo and include room for text to add more details about the day.

Having kids reflect on their day is an important learning activity. With the Kid's journal app, teachers can start a class reflection project and have students keep a virtual journal on the iPad and let kids post entries about what they did in class that day.


iMovie is an app that can be purchased for use on apple to devices to create beautiful movies and Hollywood-like movie trailers. You can use videos already in your video library or shoot some more; then customize your movie and make it yours.

With iMovie you can have your students create movie trailers for books that have been discussed and analyzed in class. You could also have students work in groups to recreate scenes from a book or play studied in class and make a movie out of it. This gives students an engaging and creative way of communicating their responses to their readings.

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