Johannes Kepler

By Amanda Hull and Caitlin Gullick

  • Born: December 27, 1571
  • Political Affiliation: Helped more in the Scientific Revolution.
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Home town: Weil, Germany
  • In the beginning years, Johannes studied mathematics and astronomy.
  • In 1596, Kepler wrote a book, Mysterium Cosmographicum (Secret of the universe), and was prompted by the close friend Tycho.
  • After Tycho's death, Johannes became an imperial mathematician to take his place.
  • He discovered his first two laws of planetary motion and was made public.
  • Johannes died on the way back to Emperor Frederick II.
  • Personal Info: Johannes likes to look up at the sky at night, and watch the science network. Also, he reads books about the stars and planets. During free time, Kepler studies and preforms research on the unknown in the universe.
  • Contact Information: Phone- 440-sci-ence and Email-

Johannes had friends such as Michael Maestlin, Barbara Muehleck, Johannes Pistorius, Bartolomeo Spina, and Tycho Brahe.  (In order by the names listed from top to bottom)

Friend named Michael Maestlin
Friend named Barbara Muehleck
Friend named Johannes Pistorius
Friend named Bartolomeo Spina
Friend named Tycho Brahe


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