Team wins by 13-0 all scored by the                                   same player
                  by: Mohammad Yunis


     On July 4th, 2010, in Alingsas Sweden, Paris Saint Germain (PSG) girl’s junior soccer team won the German championship by a score of 13 to nothing. Reem Mehrabi, a forward play maker, scored all thirteen goals for her team to win the championship. The win came against the team that won it for the last eight consecutive years. Reem says the reason she played that well was because the game was played at the anniversary of her father's death who taught her all about the game.

     Sara Williams, Reem’s mother, cried after watching her daughter score all the thirteen goals in memory of her father. Sarah said "since she was a kid her father taught her how to play this game. When she remembered him and scored the goals it made me cry because his dream was for his only kid to be a star in this sport, this sport meant the world to him."

     Alberto Alba, Real Madrid's scout, invited Reem to play for Real Madrid’s junior girl’s team for the next season. Alberto said "Reem is an amazing player, many teams will want her to play for their teams. I hope Ream accepts my offer and plays for Real Madrid’s junior girl’s team in the future."

     Reem Mehrabi accepted the invitation for joining Real Madrid junior girl’s team and hopefully in the future she will be going to Madrid to start her training there.

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