Cover the walls.

You are going to paint the room whatever color or colors you see fit. At a minimum, you will need to paint the walls one color and the ceiling a different color. The colors should compliment each other. Watch the video on how to calculate how much paint to buy, and then look at the file that is the instructions for the paint to determine how much the paint will cover. I've already chosen the type of paint you will use. It has primer in it so you will only need to use one coat.

1. Decide what colors you will use for the walls and ceiling. Give their names and numbers.

2. Determine the area of the four walls. Then subtract the area of your windows and door because you won't pInt those. Then give the area you will need to paint.

3. Determine how many gallons of paint you will need to paint the walls.

4. A gallon of paint costs $32.98. Determine the cost to paint the walls.

5. Determine the area of the ceiling, how much paint you will need to paint the ceiling, and how much it will cost to paint the ceiling,