Judge Tim Wright States He is "Innocent Of Any Charges"

On Tuesday, April 12, 2015, Judge Tim wright plead not-guilty to nine federal firearms charges.

The 70 year-old Williamson County judge faces

three counts of selling firearms to a prohibited person, aiding the smuggling of firearms,  facilitating the smuggling and attempted smuggling of firearms, two counts of giving a false statement during purchase of a firearm, and two counts of making false statements to government agents.

How He Was Caught

Officials with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives searched Wight's home on March 27, 2015. The indictment states that 51 firearms were seized from his home.

Consequences So Far

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct says Wright is permanently suspended from the bench. After the federal hearing on Wednesday, Wright had to surrender his passport, concealed handgun license, any firearms that were not originally seized and his travel is restricted to Travis, Hays and Williamson County. He was also forced to surrender a Ford F150 Truck and more than $42,000.

De La Cruz Suspected of Murder

On March 26, 2010, De La Cruz's wife, Julie Ann Gonzalez, went missing and her body still has not been found. Travis County officers have been presenting evidence the De La Cruz murdered his wife and staged her disappearance. If convicted of murder, De La Cruz is facing life in prison. Prosecutors believe he disposed of her body and then sent messages and updates from her phone and social media accounts to make it look like she left the state with a man named James.

Evidence Against De La Cruz

The day Gonzalez went missing, surveillance videos show De La Cruz using her credit card. In addition, the day after she disappeared, his mother, Victoria De La Cruz, called Travis county officers due to a strange, large trench in her backyard. Here, officers found blue latex gloves and burned clothing. This clothing also included purple shoelaces. In one of the sheds, they found ammunition and a knife on a table. Lastly, five days after Gonzalez went missing, someone accessed both her and De La Cruz's MySpace pages using the same IP address, only 7 minutes apart.

Woman Blinded From a Prescription Drug Adverse Reaction

Karen Bartlett took a generic, anti- inflammatory drug called sulindac in 2004 for shoulder pain. Three months later she was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a reaction triggered by certain medications. This prescription caused her to go legally blind, two-thirds of her skin to fall off, lung damage, and difficulty swallowing. In 2010 the New Hampshire Superior Court awarded her $21 million for her 'physical and mental pain and suffering' as well as 'loss of enjoyment of life'.

The Supreme Court's Verdict

The Supreme Court overturned the lower courts rulings by a 5-4 margin. The Scupreme Court ruled that generic drug makers could not be sued by patients over defective drug design because they're required by federal law to  be chemically identical to the FDA-approved brand-name drug and don the same warning label.

17 Year-Old Girl Treated for Cancer Against Her Will

Cassandra was diagnosed with cancer in September and was told that if she doesn't receive chemotherapy. She refused to receive this treatment because she didn't "want poisons in her body". Despite this, she was treated against her will at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. The reason for this is due to her mom, Jackie Fortin, who showed a string of skipped, refused or prematurely stopped medical appointments and tests involving her ill daughter. This convinced child-protection investigators to temporarily take custody of Cassandra in December. She then stayed in a constantly monitored room at CCMC and received chemotherapy.

The Courts Ruling

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that Cassandra would remain in state custody and continue to go through mandated chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She argued to use the mature minor doctrine, which allows minors to make major life decisions. However, this is not a law in Connecticut.

My Thoughts

I think that her mother was not taking care of her by not getting the medical help that she needed to prevent her cancer from getting to the stage that it is at now. I think that her mother is extremely irresponsible for skipping and refusing to go to doctors appointments. I also think that Cassandra's mother has had influence on her want to not undergo chemo. However, I do not agree with the courts ruling. I think that a decision like this is solely up to the individual and that he or she should not be forced to undergo any medical treatment.  If Cassandra knows that she will die if she doesn't undergo chemo and is okay with it, then she should be allowed her wishes.

The University Of Texas: Cheating Policy

The University of Texas at Austin requires all students to abide by the core values of the University and uphold academic integrity. This includes: acknowledging the contributions of other sources, completing assignments independently unless allowed assistance in preparing them, following instructions for assignments and exams, observing the standards of academic discipline, and avoiding engaging in any form of academic dishonesty on behalf of yourself or another student.

Consequences of Breaking the Honor Code

If there is a violation of the honor code, the student can have grade-related penalties (an "F" in the class), be suspended, or be permanently expelled from the University. There will also be a creation of disciplinary record in the Office of the Dean of Students.

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