New drug shields against AIDS virus
By Mia

Image of the type of monkeys scientists tested the drug on.

          Scientists tested a new drug that prevents people from getting the AIDS virus. This new drug was tested a few weeks ago on macaque monkeys. The tesing took about 40 weeks because they injected 4 times the dose that is needed. Further research will be unvieled in a conference in Seattle to show the how the scientists tested. The drug that they injected the monkeys with prevents the white blood cells from attacking the immune system. In the mid- 1990s, scientists were able to treat the infection but were unable to cure it or prevent it. This drug is supposed to protect you many times. The study leader in this process is Michael Farzan. He is the man that found the drug and did a lot of research on it. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is another word for the AIDS virus.

This link is about HIV/AIDS virus and how it affects the body.

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This site is about the AIDS drug and it also includes that finding a drug to prevent this virus is very frustrating and tiring.

This site also explains the drug that helps the AIDS virus and it also includes that thirty-nine million people have died of this virus.

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This site explains more about the AIDS virus and it also includes how making a drug especially this one is really frustrating and tiring.

This broadcast is summarizing the back-round story of the AIDS virus and how it was tested on monkeys.

1. The macaque monkeys that were tested for the drug to prevent AIDS virus. 2. Someone working on the drug. 3. The symbol for AIDS virus. 4. A person getting tested for the virus. 5. Michael Farzan, one of the people who founded the drug and helped work on it to make it successful. 6. The symbol for AIDS virus and a symbol of people who have gotten the virus.

This map is the location of where the conference will be held where more information will be revealed next week.

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