Growing Up a River Rat ⚓️

This is a photo shot from the driver's seat of a ski boat. The water out on the Sacramento delta had never been so calm. So serene.
This mama swan has never been in the Sacramento Delta, but she took her babies here last summer. Her beauty was so natural and radiant.
These ducklings and mama duck followed behind the ski boat while I was driving and allowed me to bring them to the rock edge. To safety.
One would say this picture is a random chance, but the beauty was always there waiting to be captured in film. It wasn't luck. It was time.
The sunset on the delta reflects mirror images all around. Even in the dark, nature shows that there is light.

Although things can be going poorly in life, hope and reassurance can be brought from connection with nature. Bon Jovi sings "I don't wanna be another wave in the ocean. I am a rock, not just another grain of sand" - It could be interpreted that by connecting back to nature in the end, one can keep hope, as stated above, and relativity in nature as a constant family from humanity's earlier ages. Although we are part of a bigger, more elaborate and much more visually appealing natural world, we can keep our individuality by being a different wave, or a different grain of sand.

This song has always been uplifting for me, and it has continued to be a motivational song connecting me and nature through mere lyrics of song.

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