New years 2015

1) Hopefully 2015 will hold for me time to understand and fully accept myself the way I am. For me not to be so harsh on myself when I make mistakes. Also, to stop wishing I was like others or had better personality traits like others, and to just embrace myself the way I am.

2) 2015 will hopefully hold for me and the world brand new beginnings where peace can be met. I hope my sister and I will be able to finally get along so that we can move past our differences and forget about the wrong things we have done to each other. I also hope that conflicting countries will be able to figure some sort of compromise. People in general will get along with other so there can be peace.

3) Hopefully 2015 will hold a chance for me to read more. If I can read more that will help me improve my grammar and spelling. The two areas where i have the most difficulty in.

The future

1) In 2041 I believe the world will honestly be more polluted.  

2) In 2041 our constant trending fads such as timbs, skinny jeans, word usage  and etc will be definitely  be out. Instead there will be different fads such as wearing really bright colors, automatic robots everywhere, and maybe anti gravitying machines.

3) Lastly in the year 2041 i believe the world will be more and heavily populated and will have to adapt to that.

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