Olivia's extraordinary holiday

On my holidays I went to Williamstown beach to celebrate 2013 new year and see the fire works. There was lots of people but we managed to find a car park and somewhere to sit. The fireworks started at 9:00pm and there was another set at 12:00pm. We stayed for both but the 12:00 ones were better, they were over the city it was amazing and incredible  that the fireworks lit up the sky. Everybody clapped and cheered.

Today I went to my grandparents house to celebrate the 1st of January 2013. We had lunch which was marrows and after we had crispy creams that taste delishious. A couple weeks after that we went to my favourite Place of all times Warrnambool.

In the morning I got up had breakfast got changed and we were ready to hit the road for a three hour drive. We stopped in Colac and had McDonalds an hour later we were in Warrnambool. Hooray we went to our camp site and set up the tent, after we went in to town and headed to the burger place it was yum.

We went to the beach  a lot, went for walks and also into town .I went for a walk to the canteen in front of the camp and bught lots of little yummy lollies   and had a magnifsint time .

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