Middle colonies

"Bread, Bread, Glorious Bread!"

Real Estate Agent: Alex Hundt

What states do we have?

New York


New Jersey


(Bread anyone?)

Of course we have jobs! After all, we do have some pretty great soil thanks to our agriculture that is wonderful for growing grain! Corn and Wheat make great crops for growing and not to mention the great jobs they provide!

We are the Breadbasket colonies after all!

If bread isn't your thing, we also have shipping in our industry, along with cattle, and iron!


We have great weather! Not too or too cold! We're just right! You wouldn't want to move to a place that's freezing like the New England colonies, or worse yet a place roasting hot like the Southern colonies!

You can get a lot done when you have temperatures right in the middle that keep your working conditions spontaneous, and it keeps our houses a good size too!

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