Theme connection BY: Katie and Madison

We connected Fahrenheit 451 to The Veldt, Car Radio, and a current event.

In the Veldt and in the article there are many similarities. One of them being that they have the same theme: you can't live if you're dependent on technology. In the short story two kids are obsessed with with advanced technology to the point where simple daily activities or done by technology and not themselves. This leads to no discipline and the fine line between life or death because their actions with technology soon lead to their parents deaths. In the real world people are also struggling with this concept. In the CNN video a young girl's life is taken because of her obsessive use of technology. She was killed because she was posting about the "Happy" song onto Facebook while driving when she lost control and was not paying attention to the road. Just a few seconds is all you need to lose control. It's ironic that she was saying that she was happy then died just a few seconds later. Both the video and the short story are sending the message that technology is awesome but it is also taking over our lives. Some realize that this is happening, and others, the not so lucky ones, don't. The CNN video truly portrays the theme of not being able to live if you're dependent on technology shown by the fate of this tragic and ironic car accident. This also connects to the song  "Car Radio" by 21 pilots. In the song the singer is describing how someone stole his car radio. The fact that someone stole it makes him sit in silence which he hates. He is so reliant on this piece of technology that now he hates car rides. Also, he describes how he just wants to kill himself, hyperbole, since he can't listen to music anymore or escape when he is driving. This all goes back to the theme that you can't live if you're so dependent on technology. He doesn't want to go in the car just because this one piece of technology isn't there anymore when he really doesn't have to have it and can sit in silence or have the windows down or even talk to a passenger. There are so many other options beside a radio or technology but we don't realize it today so in reality we aren't really living but more of going through the motions when we have such advanced or not advanced technology.


Connection between song, current event, and book

The theme of the song, short story, current event and Fahrenheit 451 is that you can't live if you're dependent on technology. Technology has taken over peoples lives and since it has taken over peoples lives we can't have happiness and peace. When Mildred is separated from her and her family she mumbles "poor family, poor family, oh everything gone, everything, gone now" (Bradbury 108). In the veldt, song, and book society is all showing that they are so dependent on technology so that they commit suicude and some dramaticize about killing themselves. Technology has become so advanced. With mechanical hounds, seashell radios, and short wars that "began and ended in that instant" (158). With the world becoming more technologically advanced the impact is greater. In that short war many people were killed. Most lives have bent taken away mentally and physically because of these advances. In the song he was impacted mentally, in the short story they were impacted in both ways, in the current event she was impacted physically, and in the book everyone was impacted mentally and some physically. You can't live without happiness and the only way to achieve that is to realize how technology has impacted your life. If the use of technology can be declined or used only for good more people will be able to actually live.

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