Exploration Proposal

By: Deven Jain

Dear, Philip the Second of Spain,

    It is 1540, and I, a Spanish explorer, am planning an expedition to the New World. Although I have already hired some men, I need someone funding me, so I can purchase supplies. You will benefit greatly from my exploration, because all the land, gold, silver, and natural resources I discover. All of the main, and necessary resources will be granted to you if you fund my expedition. I plan to leave in 1541. Our country's main resources are land, gold, and spices.

The Benefits Of The Resources and Problems That I Might Encounter

    Spain is becoming more and more populated very day, so I believe that extra land would help. People could move over there by traveling in boat. Another choice could be trading the land off for large quantities of money.  Gold and natural resources can also be shipped back to Spain, where you can sell them. As for problems, I will try to make friends with the natives by trading with them, and other explorers will be avoided or bribed. In heavy storms, my crew will go below deck. I will fight the natives if I am forced, and I will travel on land if I can't travel on boat. Yes, we will lose a few men, but it will all be worth it when I claim all the territory for Spain. I plan to go below where every other explorer has explored. If no one has explored below the native lands, I will be able to claim all the land, and all the natural resources before anyone else can. Other explorers are searching for silk, gold, natural resources, land, and trade. I expect to earn all of these in my exploration. France, England, and us, Spain are in a race to the New W. My expedition will put us ahead in the race for land. I guarantee you I will benefit our country.


                                                                                                                      Deven Jain

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