S.T.A.T Spotlight

Showcasing and reflecting on the hardworking teachers and practices at CLETS :-)

Starring...Nicole Kokinos!

Poetry Reading Rotations with Student Choice!

This S.T.A.T Spotlight edition focuses on Nicole Kokinos' 4th grade reading class. Ms. Kokinos' reading groups were engaged in reading rotations that focused on poetry and identifying the themes of poems. Blended learning and student choice was evident throughout the classroom! You will also see student collaboration!

Ms. Kokino's Small Group

Ms. Kokinos pulled a small group to review elements of poetry. Her students read a poem by MLK out loud as a group. They then discussed poetry elements within that poem and it's theme.

Independent Group

Another group of students were performing the same task as the small group. However, they were asked to complete the tasks independently. Students had the choice of working by them self or with a partner. Ms. Waugh facilitated as students worked through the poems.


Students using the lap tops were taking an assessment from Wonders. Students were assessed on aspects of poetry and PARCC style questions.

Prior to students working on the desktop computers, they completed a graphic organizer for comparing the themes of 3 MLK poems. Once their graphic organizer was complete, they explained their comparisons in written form using Padlet.

Ms. Kokinos' class in action!