Some Cool EdTech Tools

that you could try in your classroom this year.
Brought to you by  @amy vuick

This summer I was part of a group of teachers from across the state of Pennsylvania called Keystone Technology Innovators (KTIs).  Although I was not able to attend the summit they had at Kutztown University, I have gained lots of tips and found cool tech tools through them.  I'd like to highlight a few here in this tackk.  So, I find it fitting to start with....

#1    tackk

Click the button to see a demo video.

It's really easy and fun to put together a tackk.  With only a few clicks, you can add videos, pictures, informative text, titles and so much more.  I've only played with it a little bit and can already imagine ways to use it in my classroom.  

#2    Twitter

There's nothing new about Twitter.  But, wow is it a great source of professional development.  If you don't have a Twitter.....get one.  If you're not interested in the social media aspect of it.....then just follow people and organizations that share lots of great educational information.  Here are a few I recommend.





and of course   @amyvuick    :-)

#3       Common Curriculum

Below is the link for a very very very cool, easy to use lesson planning tool.  The best part about this tool is after you set up your account (which is also very quick and easy) there are tutorial videos to show you how to do EVERYTHING in the tool.  I'll just let the demo videos speak for themselves.  After I created my account, I was sold!

#4     Educannon

Click the button below to see some example educannonized videos.  You can do this with any video found on youtube and some other video sources.  Definitely a must see / must use if you're considering flipping your classroom to any extent this year.

Here is the link to

So, I hope you find something here useful.  It is my plan to share other edtech awesomeness as the year progresses.  As I connect with other KTIs....I'll connect with you.

Happy School Year To You!