Chapter 14: Elections and Participation

PowToon Project

Your task:

  • You will create a PowToon that tells a story about the journey of a presidential candidate making their way through the U.S. election process.
  • You must incorporate elements from chapter 14 in your textbook to accomplish this.  (specifics below).
  • Your story must have the basic elements of any good story: hero, villain, struggle, victory, and possibly a love story.
  • Good luck and be creative!


At least 10 of The following must be included in your story:

  • Electoral college
  • Residency and Regulation Laws
  • Motor Voter Law
  • Help America Vote Act
  • Ballot Initiative
  • Recall
  • FECA - Federal Elections Campaign Act
  • Swing states
  • Soft Money
  • Incumbent advantage
  • Term limits
  • BCRA - Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
  • 527 Organization
  • Electoral behavior
  • Turnout

Worth 200 points

Tips on how to write a good story...