Walt Disney World

By: Riley Berkland


Did you know that Walt Disney only lived to see one of the parks built. In this informational text I will tell you many facts you probably won’t know. So are you ready to learn? Alright lets learn!

Walt Disney

On December 5,1901 a man named Walt Disney was born. Walt grew up got married and had daughters he loved. Walt loved taking his daughters Diane and Sharon to amusement parks. But, there was not anything for the adults to do. And on that magical moment he thought to himself, “I want to make a place where families, even the adults to have fun together.” and that is where it all started.

Magic Kingdom

In 1971 the first park opened, the Magic Kingdom. This was sadly the only park Walt got to see open before he died of lung cancer. But, there is no doubt this is the most popular park. Each park has a symbol. For the Magic Kingdom of course it’s the castle. Surprisingly the most popular ride is not Dumbo the flying elephant or the Tea cups. It is Space Mountain. On this indoor roller coaster you zoom around in pitch black. If you are super scared of the dark I wouldn’t recommend this ride. But it is actually really fun!


In 1982 the second park EPCOT opened. You are probably are wondering what EPCOT stands for, it stands for, Environmental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, but to the workers it stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired. EPCOT is the 3rd most popular park. EPCOT symbol is a giant globe or “Golf Ball”. EPCOT has two different sections. The first one is Future World. Future World is a place of what they call “Technical Innovations”. The second section is called World Showcase. World Showcase is a place where you can experience food and culture in the life size replica of 11 different countries. So, guess which section the most popular ride is in. The most popular ride is actually inside the globe! The ride is called Spaceship Earth. In Spaceship Earth you travel slowly up the globe learning about the history of earth. On the way back down the globe you get to answer questions on a touch pad to decide what your dream future is. I know it may sound boring, but it really is worth it! I hope you take my advice and ride Spaceship Earth.

Hollywood Studios

In 1989 the third park Hollywood Studios opened. Hollywood Studios is the 2nd most popular park. The symbol of this park is the tall blue wizard hat with white moons and stars on it. It is the same hat Mickey wears in the Disney original “The Sorcerers Apprentice”. The most popular ride is the one and only, Tower of Terror. The Tower of Terror opened in 1990. You have to be brave to ride The Tower of Terror. The ride is based on what used to be a popular and fancy hotel, but one night changed it all. The legend goes, One fully stormy night was a particularly busy one at the “Hollywood Hotel”. A family quickly bustled into the elevator with a bellhop right behind them with their stuff. Then disaster struck, thunder rumbled and then lightning struck the hotel. The elevator fell with the guest still in it. When the elevator stopped falling they went to check to see if they were okay. But the guest and the bellhop fanished and were never to be seen again. To this day they are still haunting the elevator and dropping the guest. This ride is fairly similar to the Detonator at Worlds of Fun. I did not like the Tower of Terror myself, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. So try and see for yourself if you like the Tower of Terror.

Animal Kingdom

In 1998 the last park the Animal Kingdom opened. Surprisingly this is the least most popular park. But if you think that it’s not worth the visit, you are completely wrong! The Animal Kingdom has many unique animals to see and discover. One of the most amazing thing about this park is the symbol the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a faux 145 foot tall tree. But it isn’t just some ordinary faux tree, it has over 320 animals carved into it! The trunk is about 50 feet wide and the span is about 165 feet! Guess how many faux leafs are on those 165 feet long branches. 105,586 man made leafs that are over a foot long! The Tree of Life took a whole 18 months to put together. Obviously this isn’t some lame least popular park!


I know there is a lot of facts to remember. But just remember Walt’s favorite sayings, “Don’t forget it was all started by a mouse.”