Prescott: Everybody's Hometown
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Image: View of Prescott. N.d. Kathleen Yamauchi, Prescott.


Known as "everybody's hometown", Prescott is "a little desert town that can be kind of cool, kind of boring, kind of quirky or even kind of sketchy at times" (Hannah). Honestly, downtown Prescott is one of the best places to people watch because the community is a diverse blend of retirees, Yavapai College hippies, yoga enthusiasts, wannabe cowboys, and hipsters. From a homeless man walking his donkey (yes, there really is a man who walks his donkey around downtown), to the cowboys stumbling off of Whiskey Row, Prescott can be a colorful place to live. Surrounding the courthouse is an array of quaint coffee shops, charming boutiques, picturesque antique shops and surprisingly delicious hole in the wall restaurants. "It has the ability to make you feel like you're truly in small town America" (Hannah).

Image:Downtown Prescott at Night. N.d. Prescott College, Prescott.

Human/Enviroment Interaction

Overall, Prescott is a pretty clean, eco friendly town. With an air quality of 76 out of 100 (100 being the cleanest) and water quality 61 out of 100 (which is higher than the national average of 55), Prescott strives to be as enviromentally conscious as possible ("Health"). One example of this is Earth Day. Every year Prescottonians flock to Granite Creek Park to help clean the park and surrounding areas. Last year 550 volunteers showed up and hauled 38 tires out of Granite Creek. In 2012 volunteers at Prescott Creek managed to scrap 3.5 tons of trash out of the area.

Meanwhile, informational booths at the courthouse were set up to make people aware of water quality and solar powered options (Whitehurst). Prescott's hyper awareness of its enviroment shows through the superb quality of the air and water.

Image: Hinshaw, Matt. Marian Moody Picks Up Trash. 2013. The Daily Courier, Prescott.


Prescott is located near many popular cities. It is 75 miles north of Phoenix. 63 miles away is Flagstaff, and it is 42 miles to Sedona from Prescott ("Prescott, AZ Distance").

Image: Dewberry, Tom. Central Arizona Area Map. N.d. Prescott Arizona Area Maps, Prescott.


Prescott is a common getaway location for Arizonans seeking cooler temperatures and less traffic than Phoenix has. People typically travel to Prescott by car or a shuttle service. There is a small airport, the Prescott Municipal Airport. This airport has flights to twenty different airports throughout the US, including New York, Miami, and Chicago. It also offers flights to twelve international airports, including flights to Guam, Istanbul, and Gerona ("Flights").  

The increasing population of Prescott is a result of those seeking cleaner air, crystal clear night skies, and the dynamic seasons that many places in Arizona do not experience (Kim). Many love the small town feel and enjoy getting to know the locals and their secrets. Those who move away complain of the lack of night clubs, doctors, and restaurants. It has also been said that the citizens are all old, gun- loving, racist, republican cowboys. There have  been warnings to prospective Prescottonians to stay away unless they are incredibly fond of bingo and country music (R., Alli).

Image: Weaver, Jim. Prescott Airport. 2006. Airport Data, Prescott.


Prescott is a diverse place for animals and plant life to live. There is some range land and grasslands. These are populated by desert grasses, cacti, and shrubs. Along with these come the desert reptiles, birds, and coyotes.

Prescott National Forest is also a place with a lot of wildlife. Pinyon- juniper, juniper, and ponderosa pine are the most prevalent tree species (Rogers). Elk, black bear, and bobcats reside in the woodlands in Prescott. Prescott is also home to mountain lions living in the Granite Dells.

Prescott is centered around its downtown. The city limits give way to Chino Valley in the north and Prescott Valley to the east. Different roads seem to designate the city limits ("Prescott Map").

Image: Welcome to Downtown Historic Prescott. N.d. Prescott Homes For You, Prescott.


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