The culture of the elf's

The country of middle earth this is where the race know as the elf's live and prosper.These elf's live in the center of this country and live in the elven cities.They're are cities such as Rivendell,Grey Heaven these are two of the eight of the many cities of the elf's.

The elf's have more than one language they are:Quenya, Telerin, Westron, Sindarin, Nandorin.Each language is spoken by specific elf's types such as Sindarin this is spoken by Sindar. Sindar is a side branch of the elf people. Quenya is language of Ñoldor and the Vanyar, Ñoldor is the second clan in the elf's, Vanyar is the fair elfs and the elfs that battle such as the spear elfs.

The brief history of the elf's is that among other species such as the humans, and the dwarfs that these rings wore the rings of power and these rings were spread out to the men, elfs ,and dwarfs. The first ring, Narya, was adorned with a red stone. The name is derived from the Quenya nár meaning fire. It was also called the Narya the Great, Ring of Fire, and Red ring.The second ring, Nenya, was made of mithril and adorned with a "white stone", presumably a diamond. The name is derived from the Quenya nén meaning water. It is also called Ring of Adamant, Ring of Water and the White Ring.The third ring, Vilya, was made of gold and adorned with a "great blue stone". The name is derived from the Quenya vilya meaning air. It is also called, Ring of Air, Ring of Firmament, or Blue Ring. But,the was one ring to rule them all it was forged at Mount Doom by a wizard called Sauron. Sauron is the dark lord and this ring was to much power for him and corrupted his mind and the men ,the dwarfs, and the elf's , and the orgs all got in to a war over the ring. After the battle the elf king wanted throw the ring in to fire but the king of the men wanted to keep it. The men had started to notice that the king was going crazy so they divided to kill him. After the killed the king when they were escorting him some were the ring had fallen in to the river and know one has seen it since.

The security that they elf have is they live in a jungle mountain in this mountain the have a hidden castle. The way that they protect them self Is that every warrior knows how to use bows and knifes. The elf are very skilled in archery these are the archer elf's. these elf's also have many different types of warriors. But the rest of they warrior are at full potential and that is my culture.

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