He was not a seasoned-runner,

said the fairly new running shoes by the front door.

He had more interest in games,

said the worn-in controller on the desk.

He was very tall,

says the multiple pairs of hemmed jeans in the closet.

he was good at school

said the report card in the kitchen.

He loved reading mystical books

said the dragons on the covers of books on the bookshelf.

He has loving parents

says the warm house.

They don't have any pets

says the pristine looking carpets.

He has a little sister

says the bubblegum-pink room.

They don't have guests often

says the empty bedroom.

He has a love for electronics

said the computer in his room.

His love for lemonade is un-matched

said the fridge that was open more than closed.

Eve over all these things he hated P.E. the most

said the never-used gym bag.