#1 one lesson I learned in the sixth grade was to always come prepared because one day I was in mr.mitchells class and as soon as I came in we had a work sheet to finish and I didn't have my pencil and nobody had one that I could borrow so i didn't get to finish my work soy lesson that I learned was to always come to class prepared.

Compare and contrast
5th.  }                               
you get.}
to go on }
the play ground }
You have alot}
less work to do}
school ends at 2:30 }
you only have two }
teachers }
art,p.e,music are called specials}
6th}you have 6 different teachers.
your work is a lot harder.
art pe and music are called connections.
you have a class called home room.
you have to always come to class prepared.
you have a lot more homework and projects.

problems a 6th grader comes upon
if you come to class with out a pencil solution ask a friend or teacher to borrow one

if you are being bullied by someone but don't want to tell on him you need to just stand up for your self or tell an adult and tell them not to mention your name.

coming to class without your homework you need to be honest with the teacher about why you don't have your home work  she/he will most likely give you another sheet and let you finish it for a grade

trying to fit in is hard the key is to always be your self don't let peer pressure influence you do do things that you know are wrong be your self no matter what people tell you to do or what people say is fun if you know that it's the wrong decession just say no and be yourself

cause and effect

if you make bad choices then you will be punished

if you never do your work you will be punished with failing grades and may even be held back

if you do all of your work and show eagle pride and always exceed and try your hardest you may be rewarded with the student of the week award

if you are very kind and a helping hand to people when they are in need then you may earn a eagle applause award

if you help your teachers with anything they need and respect them and be very nice and kind,helpful to them they may reward you with some candy

what it means to be a successful 6th grader at mms

to be a great student at mms you need to always follow the eagle expectations,and show eagle pride throughout the whole year at mms. You need to be kind and caring and always lend a helping hand to someone when they are in need you,also need to always have your work finished and turned in on time.

i think that I am an expert at social studies in 6th grade I am always interested in the lessons we learn and I am very good with maps so that really helps on our tests in social studies I always try to be involved and I love learning about different cultures around the world.

How To Survive 6 Grade.
By; Jacob Williamson

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