The earth on turtle's back!!!

This Story showed that the Onondaga placed importance on dreams. After the chief's wife dreamt about the Great tree being uprooted, it led to the formation of earth.

Background: Native Americans have great respect for the natural world. They believe that each living thing possesses a unique power that sustains it and affects others. This power is a part of greater power, which many Native American cultures recognize as a Great Spirit-the source of all life. These beliefs are reflected in Native American myths, such as the stories that follow.

Story Map
Setting: The skyland
When: before earth was created
Major Characters: Chief's wife and the animals
Minor Characters: chief

Plot/Problem: the animals had to find a way for the woman to live because she couldn't live in water.

Event 1: The chief and the men uprooted the great tree. The wife fell in the hole.

Event 2: the animals in the water helped her and brought her down. the animals tried to find a way to bring a piece of earth up for her to stand on, but they didn't succeed.

Event 3: the muskrat which wasn't as strong or as swift as the others was determined and brought earth up for the women and sat it on the turtle's back. She laid the seeds down and life on earth begun.

Outcome: life on earth begun.

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