Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange is the exchange between goods germs and culture between the new and old world.

Religion come from the old world to the new world. For example one of the largest religions is Christianity and many people believe in this.

Tomatoes are a new world product that make their way back to the old world. This is well know in the European Continent today and Italy. Italy is know for tomatoes because pasta and pizza made with tomato sauce.

corn came from the new world but it is in the old world today because it is used alot and grown in farms alot.

cocoa is from the new world and it is used to make many things like chocolate and many people use chocolate in the new and the old world.

Sugar cane was from the old world but is used alot in both of the worlds now today. For example we would not have candy ice cream and many other things it is very important in our daily life.