The Emancipation Proclamation

On January, 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, the proclamation would make all persons held as slaves in the Southern states free people, and if anyone was caught with a slave would be arrested.

Before the emancipation proclamation, the North and South, of North America, were in the Civil war, and only one person could end it, General Lee (not the car) after four years of fighting and blood shed, Lee thought that it was time to surrender, he would meet with General Grant with a view of surrender.

This is a portrait of General Lee

The Emancipation was not officially passed until after Americas bloodiest war, the civil war lasted from 1861-65, with 620,000 people left dead afterward, both men and women. The war was started from the North and the South disagreed on having slaves was legal or not, and during the ruling of the proclamation, the North and South were fighting, whether or not California was a free or slave state.

This is a picture/illustration of a part of the civil war

The proclamation did not end slavery right away, it diminished the amount of slaves by a little, and caught the eye of some southerners, and they freed there slaves. After being freed, almost 200,000 Black soldiers went to fight for the North and to free the rest of the slaves.

This is a picture/illustration of when some of the slaves were freed

While Abe Lincoln was trying to pass the Proclamation, and dealing with the war, Harriet Tubman wanted to help with the slavery, so she started the underground railroad, this was a safe path that the South didn't know about, so Harriet used this to take slaves from the South to Canada.

This is a map of the Under Ground Railroad

After the proclamation was passed, on April, 15, 1865, Abe Lincoln was assassinated, and in December of that year, congress passed The Emancipation Proclamation.

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