The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Huckleberry Finn is not very happy with his new life of manners, church, and school. He only pushes through it because of his friend Tom Sawyer.  Everything is great until Huck's reckless, drunk, father shows back up in town wanting Huck's money. The Widow and Judge Thatcher try to get custody of Huck but the new judge in town doesn't want to split up his family. Pap hangs around town for a few months and harasses Huck, Finally the Widow Douglas has enough of Pap and tells him to stay away from her property. Angered Pap kidnaps Huck and takes him to a cabin across the river. Huck eventually gets tired of his drunken dad beating him, he decides to fake his death and run away. He hides on Jacksons island and soon finds Mrs. Watsons slave, Jim. Jim and Huck soon become good friends and team up to survive. As the great flood of the Mississippi, they find a log raft and a house boat floating past the island, as they decide to raid the abandoned boat they find a dead man and quickly leave the boat. Huck and Jim are forced to leave because someone suspects Jim is hiding there so they start down river on a raft trying to get to Ohio because its a free state. After several days on the water, barely passing St. Louis they find an abandoned steamboat, and have a close encounter with a gang of robbers. Huck and Jim end up missing the mouth of the Ohio river and encounter a group of men looking for run away slaves, Huck lies to the men and tells them his father has smallpox, so the men scared of the disease give him money so he will get away from them. Unable to back track to the mouth of the Ohio they continue down river, the night after that a steamboat runs into their raft and separates Jim and Huck. Huck ends up in a home of a family of Grangerfords, which have a feud against a neighbor clan the Sheperdsons. After an elopement of a Granderford daughter, and a Sheperdson son, a gun battle occurs and kills many families. While Huck is caught up in the feud Jim shows up with the repaired raft and they take off down river.

Society and Hypocrisy

  1. Widow Douglas does snuff but wont let Huck smoke.
  2. Pap says you can steal as long as you PLAN to pay it back..
  3. Huck has inner conflict to whether to turn Jim in or not.
  4. Exaggerated obsession with death
  5. Feud between Granderfords and Shepersons, they don't really know why it started but now they have to do it for their name.

Growing up

  1. Huck grew up in a bad environment with his abusive father but still stay calm talking to him.
  2. Huck likes to take risks, doesn't like playing on the safe side.
  3. Huck lies to Jim.
  4. Huck lies to protect Jim.
  5. Huck creates a friendship with a slave-boy and is openminded.

How the two themes interact/build on eachother

1. Just how the widow douglas was hypocritical did snuff but told Huck not to smoke he was grown enough to make the decision to do it anyways and he knew what she did and that it wasn't right for her to tell him not to do something when she does the same thing in a different form.

2. Pap comes back into town to try and get Huck's money, although he beats Huck and abandoned him to live with the Widow Douglas (Society) he still tries to take his money, although Huck gives his money to the Judge so it's not 'his' anymore (growing up) and Pap can't get the money.

3. Huck was thinking about turning in Jim because he knew it was wrong of him (Society) but he makes the choice not to because Jim is his friend and he lies to protect Jim from the men looking for run away slaves (growing up).

4. In the fued between the Grangerfords and the Sheperdsons its been a part of their history for years, they don't even remember why it started but now they have to do it for their name (Society). Huck's views on whats right and wrong have changed throughout the book, and that the things that fuel the fire to the feud between the Granderfords and the Sheperdsons won't end well (growing up).

5. The judge grants Pap custody of Huck because it's his 'right' although Pap has proven to be a a bad parent. Pap refused to let Huck have an education, go to church, and kidnapped him (Society). Huck listened to him because he knew what it would be like if he didn't. He had a plan to get out of that situation (growing up).

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