The Blue Ridge Mountains

"A Place where the Heart is"

A phenomenal view of the Blue Ridge Mountains

"Want to get Away? Come and enjoy nature at its best"

Lots of Activities:  Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Zip-Lining, Fishing, Camping etc!

Enjoy the scenic views from your cabin deck...

Our Cabins have FREE WiFi, full Kitchens, running water, Patios with amazing views, Hot Tubs and easy access to Town!


Come and surround yourself in the breathtaking scenery of North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains! During the late summer and early fall months, these mountains take on a physical change all their own. During these times of the year, the Mountains are full of life. The eastern Blue Ridge consists of a variety of igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks, including numerous granite bodies. One of the many interesting facts about this area is that the Appalachian Trail starts at the Southern foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trees are plentiful, wildflowers are bountiful and the wildlife is teaming with activity. If you’re lucky, you might just stand a good chance of spotting the infamous Black bear foraging about. Temperatures can range from 72 to 88 degrees during this time.

Come and stay a while in our gorgeous comfortable cabins where you will feel right at home with nature. Just a short 15 minute ride down the Western side of the mountain near Young Harris College, you will find a host of shops and restaurants that will surely meet your needs.

There are many excursions in which you can participate in; such as hiking, sightseeing, visiting historical landmarks and camping. (Be sure to hire a guide.) The local folks are skilled hunters, guides and support the tourism thoroughly. For the most part there is a stable economy within the entire region.

Come and experience life for a while in this area. It is one of the most historical places in all of Georgia and it is one of a kind. Here you will find southern hospitality at its best!

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