My Aquarium Scrapbook

Presented by : Michael Golding

Impressions -

My first impression was great I really liked the aquarium. I think it was a bit to noisy and crowded. There were just to many people for me to have been happy with the noise. When I first walked in I heard a lot of talking but I hear parrots over the sound there were not many other sounds because they had most of the areas sealed off with glass so it made it hard to hear much else. The smells were not that bad some spots worse than others. I was excited to see all the different types of species. there were birds, butterfly's, sharks, otters, penguins, jellyfish, and octopuses.  What impressed me the most were the Gentoo penguins.

Individual Habitat  -

The Gentoo penguin is a medium-sized species of penguin that is normally found on the rocky islands of the sub-Antarctic Ocean.  They stand out from other penguins by the white "bonnet-like" marking across the top of their heads, and are most closely related to the Adelie and Chinstrap penguins which belong to the same group.  Size.................

Interacts with environment -

Like other penguin species, the gentoo penguin has had to adapted to inhabiting very harsh conditions and having to get all of it's food from the freezing ocean. Gentoo penguins use their wings to propel them through the water and are thought to be the fastest swimming of all penguin species, able to reach speeds of nearly 30mph in the water.

The gentoo penguin is a carnivorous animal, that like all other penguin species, survives on a diet that is only comprised of marine animals. Krill and small crustaceans make up the bulk of the gentoo penguin's  diet, along with larger organisms including squid and various species of fish. Due to the fact that they inhabit quite uncompromising regions, gentoo penguins have no natural land-based predators.

Community -

Ecosystem -

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