So sweet, yet So deadly

The first thought of sugar is nowhere close to ever thinking its something so deadly. According to a new study, consuming too much sugar increases your chance of death from heart disease. "The risk of cardiovascular disease increases exponentially as you increase your consumption of added sugar," says the study's lead author, Quanhe Yang. I personally consume about 40 grams of brown sugar. I thought brown sugar was healthier than normal table sugar, now i fear that all types of sweeteners are fatal. I love to drink coffee. Of course, coffee needs sugar to taste less bitter. When I discovered this horrible, shocking fact I was stunned just thinking of the possibility of me dying before 50 simply because I drank a nice cup of coffee everyday.  So what can be done to prevent this?! Maybe just lowering my intake of drinks with high sugar can tone down the risk of me dying of SUGAR.

So next time you decide to drink a Arizona instead of simple clear water, think about actually reading the nutrition label and take the time to see what it is your're actually drinking.   #nevertomuchsugar

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