Ancient Japan

Nobles, literature, and everything in between
by potato2001

Japan is a small country that houses literally millions of millions of people. Although they might be small, they house more people than the entire state of California. Throughout the years, Japan has evolved and changed. They began by the Ainu, who probably migrated from the Siberia-Russia area. Over time the Ainu culture disappeared and new culture, which is now modern-day Japan.

Nobles were a part of a court. They lived near and advise the leader. This court was like a secret society. Their disgust of the commoners was more known than the court itself.

According to a source the will be left anonymous, nobles love fashion and all things fine. They wear fancy clothes and fine silk. You can see them holding their tiny, delicate fans.

The way the fashion has changed since early Japan is dramatic. The types of clothing they wore back then was beautiful and colorful. It was thin and smooth - called a Kimono. Today, the fashion is Japan is of mixed taste. You never know what you'll find on the street. Some people like to Cosplay, or dress up like their favorite characters from anime or something like that. Another trend is the Lolita style. It's inspired by children's clothing and adults' sophisticated costumes from the Victorian Age.

Ancient Japanese loved literature. They liked to write, especially the women. Probably the most famous writer was Lady Murasaki. She wrote The Tale of Genji, which is about a prince and his quest to find love. It thoroughly describes the nobles' lives.

They liked to paint, too. The nobles liked bold, bright colors. They illustrated stories, adding a visual image. Most of the artists preferred to paint on larger surfaces, instead of smaller ones.

The Japanese greatly admired Chinese architecture. The Chinese had beautiful designs, and you could recognize their buildings easily because of their unique design. The Japanese copied the Chinese's style. The nobles liked simple and airy designs. Sometimes they added ponds and gardens.

Nobles loved elaborate rituals. Buddhism was a big part of their lives. They believed that neither faith nor good behavior leads to wisdom. Self-discipline and meditation were important.

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