What is it?

Ask.fm was created in 2010 in Letonia. It is  currently the third French social network. You can post questions on the "wall" of somebody anonymously or not .

A lot of people ( especially teenagers)  use it as a passtime and to  receive compliments from their friends. But some people  use it to post Anonymous messages to insult or say something offensive or hurtful.

How does it work?

The first time you go on Ask.fr, you have to create an account and log in.

Afterwards  you are directly redirected to your blog and you can prepare yourself to use it. You can so connect with facebook if you want to post your questions on Asks on the wall of your friends.

And after this you can already answer the questions of one anonymous person anonymously if you want .It's easy!

Log in, ask questions and answer questions.

What can you do with Ask?

With ask, you can express your thoughts on  another  persons' blog, post questions on it and also spend a lot of time on it. If you want to be more famous than you are , you can answer even more questions (to rise in the popular ranking). You can post all you want but don't forget: don't post your name in an answer !

Read Hannah Smith' story :

It was a girl with a disarming smile. Good student, playful, mischievous and very popular with her classmates. She lived in a village in Leicestershire, in the heart of England with his father, a truck driver, and her sister. Like many teenagers, she spent a lot of time on social networks.  In particular on the site Ask.fm , which allows to interact anonymously with others by questions and answers. On August 2, Hannah Smith, 14, was found hanged by his sister in his room .. It had been harassed by users. They advised him to cut herself to end her days, or absorb detergent. Since her suicide, Hannah Smith has become the symbol of the aberrations of social networks.

The Prime Minister David Cameron wrote a letter to his dad to promise the bullies would be punished.

Tips and advice

On ask, you must chose a secure (long) password. You should only talk with people you know. Don't forget to tell your parents you're using ask .Don't send messages to someone you don't know and don't talk/answer their questions. On a website, protect your personal imformations  and never say your first name. Don't send too many messages and don't forget to log out because your identity can be stolen. Don't show your password because all your  informations can be revealed  online. There are 50 moderators for the safety  of the website (for the 30 millions daily asked questions). If anyone asks you an annoying  question , you can report or block them. It is for the safety  of the website.

If  you want to train with a little quiz:


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