Fishy Project

Created by: Sara Chaknis, Kat LaFond, and Allison Rutman

~For our project we had to make a fish tank for a customer with a budget of $700. We had a list of thing that customer wanted including fish,plants, and decorations. We selected the following fish the Angle fish which is $4.99 per fish and we are only going to add one because it will eat  the other Angle fish. We are also going to add a Spotted African Leaf  fish which is $8.99 per fish like the Angle fish it will eat another  Spotted Leaf fish. We need 22 bags of gravel and each bag is $5.50 since we need 22 bags it will be $121.

~The volume of the tank is 17280.


~Angle fish~$4.99

~Spotted African Leaf Fish~$8.99

~Pebble Beach (gravel)~~$121

~Jungle Pod (plant)~$12.o0

~Green Mondo(plant)~$9.00

~Tall Driftwood(decoration)~$35.00

~Asian Pagda(decoration)~$25.00



~Large tank~$300.00


Angle Fish:

~6'' size

~Water Temp: warm

~Tank  Setup:20 gallons

~Peaceful but the Angle fish will eat another Angle fish

~DO NOT put smaller fish in the tank with the Angle fish , because they will eat the smaller fish.

~Tall plants with slender leaves are best for the Angle fish.

~Aquadic Critations

Spotted African Leaf fish



~Water Temp.:-72-82 Degrees(warm)

~29+ Gallons

~Needs hardy plants

~Needs a cave

~Feed twice a day

Just swimming,swimming,swimming

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