Geometry All Around Us

By: Reid Christensen

Question 1:

What postulate proves these two triangles congruent?

Question 2:

What would the length of the third side have to be?

Question 3:

What makes these angles congruent? What would be the sum of all the angles?

Question 4:

What makes these two angles congruent?

Question 5:

What postulate is used to prove these two triangles congruent?

Question 6:

The measure of angle 1 is 74 degrees. What is the measure of angle 2?

Question 7:

If the measure of the angle is 84 degrees then is the angle acute, obtuse, or right? How do you know?

Question 8:

What would the length of the third side have to be for a triangle? How do you know this?

Question 9:

Are these two roads parallel, perpendicular, or skew?

Question 10:

Are these columns parallel, perpendicular, or skew?


Question 1: SSS postulate (Side Side Side)

Question 2: Between 4 and 28

Question 3: Vertical Angles, 360 degrees

Question 4: Alternate Interior Angles are congruent

Question 5: SAS Postulate (Side Angle Side)

Question 6: 106 Degrees

Question 7: Acute because the angle is under 90 degrees

Question 8: Between 5 and 29, we know this because any two sides combined have to be more than the third side.

Question 9: Perpendicular

Question 10: Parallel

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