About Me

Halei W.
9th Grade
May 2, 2014
Mrs, Edwards
Hunt High School
Project  Purpose: Become  more familiar  with a potential career and a college that would allow me to get this degree

                                                               Career Information

My goal is to become a veterinarian that works with big animals such as cattle and horses. A veterinarian diagnoses, treats, or researches diseases and injuries of animals. I want to be a vet because I have grown up around animals and I love caring for them. Working as a vet is going to be fun and it pays a lot too! It will take me about four years to complete veterinarian school and to get me DVM. My beginning salary should be around $47,000, highest salary should be $146,000, and average salary of $93,000.

                                                                   About My College

My dream college is North Carolina State University (NCSU) located in Raleigh, NC. Tuition for living not on campus is around $8,000 and living on campus is around $15,000. Three other colleges that offer the degree I need is the University of California, Cornell, and Ohio State. To get my DVM I need to excel in chemistry and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

                                                         Is this what I really want to do?

Some classes i need to take while I'm still in high school include animal science, any foreign language class (preferably spanish) and biology AP (chemistry is very important also). If I take these classes and I don't like and/or change my mind about my career, there are more degrees my college offers that I'm interested in. There's criminology, psychology, and sociology.

In doing this project, I learned that there's many other colleges that offer a DVM and NC State is third best in the country. I learned that I have to get my bachelor's degree in pre-vet and then major in vet school. Also, I learned that tuition, living on or off campus, is pretty cheap. This was a really fun project and I enjoyed getting to learn how to use this site!

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