Infect the heart and eliminate other players or hold the heart for four turns Each player gets 4-6 barrier pieces 8-10 stack able units 30-40 player units 40-50 color tiles

Board setupTake 8 evolution cards and place them on the marked board spots Each player will pick a corner to start from and place 4 units down

Evolution cards
Accelerated mitosis Specified unit is able to duplicate itself and make 1-2 extra units every other turn
-Hyper infection[player gets +1-2 action for moving/infecting spaces
-protein fortification specified unit can make one extra barrier relative to that units spot
-Pin-needle phalanges -specified unit counts as +3 units and can live through two battles until its consumed as a unit.
-how to winplayer make their way to the heart infecting spots and gaining units, once in the heart a player must occupy it uncontested for four turns to win OR player must eliminate all other players.
End game
When a player holds the heart for four turns, when a player eliminates all other players,
"Player movement
each player gets 5 phases per turn, infectious movement, unit movement, and attacking. the phases are interchangeable
During that phase a player can attack, or move units any adjacent space touching the space the units on, or occupy an empty space.
Infection phase;
players either place tiles on newly claimed spaces or move up to 4 units along untaken tiles to add to the players territory.
Attacking phase:
This is when a player attacks an adjacent tile of enemy units, the winner is decided by whomever has the most units attacking.
Territorial phase:
when a player has had a unit on an empty plot for at least one turn, the player is also given an extra unit on that tile that turn only.

Carrier phase:
This is if/and when a player has made a carrier unit, this phase can only be made before attacking or infecting other tiles.
Special actions phase:
This is when a player has mutated units, they may use the units given ability depending on what it is.
This is also when a player may choose to place a barrier unit at the cost of 10 units. The barrier can only be made if the ten units are on the same spot as the units.
`special actions` if a player has 7 units on one space a barrier unit may be converted to a barrier piece.
when a player has 5 units on the same tile they may convert them into a HiveCarrier unit which can hold up to 8 basic units and one mutated unit, they may travel along the players infected spots up to 7 spaces, picking up units along the way.
If one player invades another players territory, the player must declare an attack, to win an attack the player with the most units on that space wins,
Attacking barriers
to destroy a player must attack the barrier twice with 5 units or once with 7 units or more.
~Occupying territory~to claim territory a player must move a unit onto an empty space and hold that space until the next turn. On that next turn the player is awarded one extra unit on that claimed space.

~Barrier rules~
if a player has 7 units on one space a barrier unit may be converted to a barrier piece.

Barriers are destroyed when it is attacked twice with five pieces or once with 7 or more.

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