Obsession-an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.

Filled with obsession and rage Phil killed his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend Anderson.

Synonym- Mania

Antonym- Hate


Marcus knew the only reason Sara went on a date with him to agitate her ex-boyfriend Harris.

Synonym- Disturb

Antonym- Calm


In factories in China toiled work ethic is very common.

Synonym- Labor

Antonym- Lazy


During WW2  in Concentration camps the smell was grotesque and indescriley bad!

Synonym- Absurd

Antonym- Pretty


All of the guest going to Blair's party were feverish of being on T.V. for her Sweet Sixteen party bash.

Synonym- Hectic

Antonym- Easy-going


When Abby saw her boyfriend and Beth kissing on the tennis courts in school she was convulsive with anger!

Synonym- Boiling Point

Antonym- Calm


Hope and I devoured the cinnamon pretzel we got for Annie Annie`s earlier.

Synonym- Relish

Antonym- Dislike


Anatomy is the science of studying plants, and is available to be studied at Boston College were they have an amazing program.

Antonym- Etiology

Synonym- Connection


The man who called himself Pavel had a gnarled look to him and a limp in his leg form a injury were I am unsure.

Synonym- Wrinkled

Antonym- Untwisted


Anna May was shunned from the conservative Amish life after caught sneaking out ot meet her Jersey boyfriend Joey.

Synonym- Disdain

Antonym- Accepted

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