Fifty-One Charger 1.0 Standard Car Charger Cable at $19.95

Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Enjoy all the special options that your Fifty-One Charger 1.0 Standard Car Charger Cable affords you. Most importantly, road trips won’t be a problem since you’ll be able to easily plug your electronic cigarette in during your drive, whether across town or cross-country.

Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and your electronic cigarette will start to recharge. You can easily add a wall charger to your purchase in the pulldown window if you need an extra charger once you arrive at your destination. When you purchase your car charger cable and your wall charger together, you can take advantage of extra savings.

If you choose to purchase a bundle package, remember to select your specific electronic cigarette – the TRIO or 2.0 – in the pulldown window.

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