African Empires

Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe began through trade. The Swahili, Portuguese, and the Arabs who were sailing down the Mozambique coast began to trade cloth, glass, and porcelain with the Great Zimbabwe people for gold and ivory in return. As the Great Zimbabwe received these items, they began to build an empire which became the Great Zimbabwe empire. This empire would eventually spread over 200 square miles and it has been thought that around 18,000 people lived here at the time of the rise of the Great Zimbabwe.

Greatest Accomplishments

The country Great Zimbabwe got it's name from the actual empire, which shows the huge importance of the empire. In 1986 the site was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is saying that the empire has a huge universal value. Also, in 1937 Great Zimbabwe was proclaimed a national monument.

Great Zimbabwe
Above the empire
Map locating Great Zimbabwe
Some of the reconstruction done to the empire

Short video tour of the empire


-Victoria Falls that forms the world's largest falling water is on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

-The word Zimbabwe means "House of Stone." The word consists of two root words, -mba, which means house, and -bwe, which means stone.