Curley's Wife
Greedy ~ Isolated ~ Prideful

All I wanted was...


Something to do


Someone I love


But I didn't want...

to be alone

to be forced to stay in one place

a husband who neglects me

a boring life

to die.

Character Development

When we first meet Curley's wife seems as a cold and lustful character that just demands attention. As we continue on in the story we discover that a reasoning for her demand for attention is because she's actually lonely. She's a young girl, probably about 17 or 18, who married someone about ten years older than her. Though, he doesn't spend a lot of time with her.

Character Interactions

From her interactions with others, we can see that Curley's wife holds different people to different standards. She only cares about certain people. For example, she acts all nice and friendly to Lennie in an attempt to gain his attention. While with Crooks, she treats him like he's an entirely different species from a different planet. And finally, with Candy, she mostly just disregards him; she ignores him.

How Curley's Wife Affects the Plot

If Curley's Wife wasn't in the book, the plot would have gone in a different direction. Towards the end, she continues a chain of events leading to Lennie's death. Without her, Lennie wouldn't need to run away and George wouldn't have to kill him.

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