Driving Under the Influence

Adults Versus Young Adults

In Canada, driving under the influence is a serious issue in our life. Many accidents are due to the consumption of illegal and legal substances. Those have killed many innocent people and young adults are targeted to be the main problem. Is it true that young adults are driving under the influence more often than adults?

In fact, young adults, between 16 and 24 years old, are the main group that are often getting caught driving under the influence. As we know, driving under the influence is not only about drinking and driving; it is also about consuming drugs and driving. Mortality rate due to drinking and driving is 27,6% for young adults and it is 26,9% due to using drugs and driving. People think that using drugs and driving is less dangerous than drinking alcohol but it is the same! Don’t use substances and drive! It kills a lot of people and it can kill you!

Young adults accused of driving under the influence represents about 47,7% of the cases. It means that this group, with only eight years of difference between the youngest and the oldest, represents almost the half of the population that is driving under the influence but we represent only about 14,7% of the population.

In conclusion, it is true that there are nore young adults driving under the influence and causing accidents +than adults. Young adults seem to underestimate the danger, they want a rush of adrenaline or they are influenced by their friends. The government have created laws to reduce the mortality and the driving under the influence cases and it pays. In 1986, almost 600 people out of 100,000 were driving under the influence and, in 2011, it is about 275 people. Publicity and sensitization campaign are paying. Even if young adults are driving under the influence more than adults, the percentage is going down. If we would think twice before acting, the result should be 0%! Don’t drive under the influence it is dangerous for you and for everybody!

Philippe Pharand

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