Richard Loyd GT 2014-2015
Big shot

Lens:When a camera takes a picture without the lens it is a pinhole camera and it takes good photos, but it's upside down. There are also cameras that can change the zoom and the focus point.

Polyoptic wheel:The polyoptic wheel is the part of a Bigshot that basically edits the photos and gives them good quality. The polyoptic wheel can do fish-eye, 3D, or normal. It can also do it wide to get a lot of room and tall.

Viewfinder, eye:The view finder is the small window on top of the camera that let's you see what this picture may look like.

LED flash:The led flash is obviously made from a light bulb but what powers the light bulb? The electricity from the battery OF COURSE! But the electricity goes through a process of going hitting the old light and then becoming a new old light but every time that happens a new spark of light is made so it happens thousands of times a second making light.

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