52 In 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Album 28/Week 28

Who: Operation Ivy: "Energy"

When: 1993-4 (8th grade)]

Why: To this day, I have no recollection of how I found this band. I know that I was in 8th grade because I would talk to my friends Jenny Connell and Lauren Peterson about them. But, this record is a right of passage for most punk kids my age.  These guys weren't around very long but this album is one of the most historic, and quite possible one of the best garage skate punk ska records of all time.

Where: Before my time. Reunion will probably never happen.

Take Warning:

If I had to guess, I think this tape was given to me at a show in 1993, at a show in North Olmsted with Indelible, Whatever... and a couple others.  I'm not honestly sure how I got this tape, but I think I wouldn't have gone in the direction musically if I hadn't.  I was  listening to heavier stuff, and hip-hop all the time. Then the speed of this record, and the poppy fun and positivity attached to it, and this music was more my speed and started a quick downward spiral into west coast punk and the records that had the most influence on me.  Its a record that I believe has tried to be duplicated many time, but nobody ever got close.  One song doesn't stick out either. This record listens like reading a book and every song is a different chapter. One of the only albums that ever did that for me.

Op Ivy was a mainstay in my rotation from the day I got the tape, up through most of my high school years.  I ended up playing in a band with some friends that was heavily influenced by Op Ivy, and we even covered "Unity" for a couple years.  

Op Ivy only lasted 2 years, but they spawned Rancid, which became one of the biggest punk bands in the world. I was never a huge fan of Rancid, but I will always be a fan of Op Ivy.  Between my older friends and I, this record really influenced our love for punk rock.