Ebola is a dangerous virus.

Ebola is a virus that causes bleeding and organ failure and can lead to death. Ebola was a rare virus but it is now not so rare.

Ebola came from West Africa.It may have started from a single infected person.That person could have been infected by a bat.

Ebola started spreading by someone putting some body fluid on another person perhaps when talking or any other activity.

Countries with infected people with Ebola have a smaller economy and they have a small amount of people who can help with the outbreak.This shows that they don't worry about they people living in the country.

A outbreak of a virus like Ebola is a epidemic problem and could cause a country to loose most if not all of its money also it could cause them to ask for money and be in debt for a long time.

Ebola can affect a countries economy by making people pay for treatments for it and they could loose their money and loose their house and cars and such.

A outbreak like this could affect a countries socially by them asking for money and then not being able to pay back the money. So the country would not be trusted by other countries.

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