The Glass Castle

A Life Long Adventure


One of the themes in The Glass Castle is forgiveness.  Forgiveness means accepting the wrong things that someone has done and accepting their apologies.  There are many times when Jeannette forgives her father; when he steals her money, when he broke his promise that he would stop drinking, when he filled the glass castle foundation with garbage, and many other times.  Another theme in The Glass Castle is fearlessness.  Fearlessness is not being afraid or scared.  The children are fearless throughout the book because of moving all the time and by the way they were raised.  They were taught to fight back and to not be scared.  The were not afraid to make new friends, fight back, work hard, be different, and do the things they wanted to do.   


Introduction:  Jeannette sees her mother looking through the garbage and then has a flashback of her childhood.  Throughout the rest of the book its all about Jeanette's childhood and how she grew up.  

Rising Action:   The rising action of the Glass Castle is when Jeannette's father, Rex, allows a grown man to solicit with her.  This is a rising action because it shows Jeanette what she means to her father.   

Falling action:   The falling action of the Glass Castle is when the father dies and when Maureen moves to California.  These are the falling actions because it shows what is happening towards the end, after the climax.

Resolution:   At the end of the story Jeannette is married to a man named John, and they live in an old farmhouse.  Lori still lives in New York and she is an artist.  Brian is a detective and he lives in Brooklyn with his daughter Veronica and his dog Charlie.



Jeannette is the daughter of Rex and Rose Mary Walls.  She is also the narrator and main character of the story.  The thing that motivates Jeannette is her father, Rex.  Her dad motivates her because she looks up to him and she thinks that she has to prove to him that she is what he wanted her to be.  Jeannette's baggage is that she is poor and doesn't have a lot of clothes or food.  Jeannette is the most important character in the story, because the story is her life.  

Rex Walls:

Rex Walls is the father of Jeannette and husband of Rose Mary.  The thing that motivates Rex is his family.  His family motivates him because he wants to prove to them that he can support them and that he is the best dad.  Rex's baggage is his addiction to alcohol.  Rex's alcohol addiction makes it hard for his family to trust him and to support him.  Rex is the main support for Jeannette, that is why he is so important.

Rose Mary:

Rose Mary is the mother of Jeannette and wife of Rex.  The thing that motivates Rose Mary  is her artwork.  Her artwork motivates her because it is what makes her happy and she loves her artwork.  Rose Mary's baggage is her non liking to work.  Her non liking to work puts the family in tough positions; they have no money, no food, no new clothes.  Rose Mary is an important character because she supports he family, but she also brings the family down.  



"In my mind, Dad was perfect, although he did have what mom called a bit of a drinking situation." -Jeannette, 23

In this quote Jeannette is saying that to her, her dad is perfect, but to other people he is an alcoholic.  This quote is important because it shows Jeannette's feelings towards her father.  This quote is also important because it introduces Rex's drinking problem to the audience.  

"If you don't want to sink, you better learn how to swim." - Rex, 66

In this quote Rex is saying that if you want to do something you have to teach yourself how.  This quote is significant to the book because it shows Rex and Rose Mary's method of teaching their kids how to do something.  This quote shows how the kids grew up; you had to teach yourself, no one was going to teach you step by step.  

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