Nike Culture

My country was founded by Nike Jesus as seen below. It was founded in the year 1234. It went through a terrible civil war in 1670 and we lost thousands of shoes and clothes. The cause was too many people using under armor. My people are ruled by Cameron Radecki, but we worship the Nike gods. They live on an island called Nike Island. My people are known as Nikes. We believe that when we die we will go to Nike heaven and get all gold Nike clothes and shoes. If you live your life wearing any other brand u will go to bad brand hell. There is no sin as long as there is permission from the king. They also believe that one day Nike Jesus will return from heaven and grant each rightful citizen 1 pair of gold Nike merchandise of their choice.

Below you will see a picture of our ruler Cameron Radecki. He rules all government. He decides what is ok and what is worthy of going to prison.

Our currency are bills. You will see a picture of these below. We have $1 $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 and the king has $1000000

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