Dental X-Rays~ X-Ray Wave Energy

By: Kathryn Sain

Three facts about X-Rays:

*In 1895, the first x-ray was discovered and invented.

* Dental X-ray machines produce radiation in very small amounts, so they aren't a big risk to the patient and staff.

* X- rays can find cancerous problems and they can also often destroy them.

How x-rays are used in this device:

X-Rays are used in this device by showing an image of your teeth and your mouth. Structures that are dense with silver fillings will block out the light energy from the x-ray and appear white on a film. Structures that have air in it will be black on film. Teeth, tissue, and fluid will be different shades of gray on the film.

Dental X-Rays:


Something Extra~

Here is a picture of the machine they use to take pictures of your teeth:


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